East Middlebury River Gorge
Recent Adventures
Natalie and Tim Wedding [4-12-14]
Tour de Farms Shoreham, VT
Willow Tree Middlebury, VT
The T.A.M. Middlebury, VT
Middlebury Gorge East Middlebury, VT
Live as if the mountains were sinking and your perspective on this vast view was shrinking. Explore the exhilaration of an expedition. Focus on the framing and the foothold, carrying your camera on the climb. Good vibes and rugged terrain, epic adventure and somewhat insane. Change with the landscape to escape gravity. Let the sun lead you home and the rain drip slowly into your sleeping bag.
Happy Trails, Josh
Latest Adventure - The Trail Around Middlebury (T.A.M.): Zen, Adventure, and Responsibility Photos of the T.A.M.